I Will Not Program On The Labyrinth Anymore

I have stopped working on The Labyrinth. But i probably am gonna continue programming it sometime in the future.
If you want to continue the project for me contact sanderk99@gmail.com.
I have also updated the game and the source. It now has a menu and you now can lose lives in the game. You start with three lives.
I have made a  Software License Agreement for the game. You can get a copy in the source.

The reason i have stopped working on The Labyrinth is because i  have been to busy with other stuff.
I have also started learning java and it`s almost the same code as in c++ so it`s easy.
The reason i learn java is because it has a built-in GUI (Graphical User Interface) and c++ does not have a GUI.
If i want to make a GUI application in c++ i need to use Visual C++ but, that can only be used in Windows
and i want to make programs that are available for every one.
And in Java you can make games with Java but, in c++ you need to use SDL and OpenGl.
And i want to make games to the android and stuff. So i am learning Java but i will still program in c++.

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